Import your images

Simply click to get started or drag and drop those bad boys in there!

Arrange by Drag & Drop

Visually arrange, reorder or delete the images until you have created the perfect running order

Create Collages

Merge images into a collage to create awesome storyboard blog posts

Resize & Export

Resize the images to the perfect width for your blog, add web sharpening and export… Boom!

Blog Curator is an incredibly simple desktop app that helps you create beautiful wedding photography blog posts.

Using it’s beautifully simple interface you can visually arrange, reorder, cull, collage and preview your blog posts ensuring you have the layout ‘just right’ before you upload to your blog. No longer will you need to deal with the annoying wordpress media library to arrange your images, or have to cut and paste code because you need to reorder your images.

Blog Curator will allow you to see exactly how your blog post will look and once you are happy it will rename the images into this new sequence, allow you to resize to the perfect pixel width and apply sharpening ready to be uploaded!

The best bit? It only costs £29.99


A showcase of blog posts created using Blog Curator.